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Chapter Two

 “Many things unknown, unwished for, nor ever attempted by our minds, are manifested to us in dreams… which we knew not by any report; and those dreams need not any act of interpretation, which belong to divination.”  (Cornelius Agrippa of Nesseheim, 1531)



       When Nini’s soul arrived in Anu, all residents that knew him from his previous visits were happy. Finally, Nini would be permanently there and be able to dream his dream forever. They reasoned that as a virtuous man, Nini deserved it. What they didn’t know was that his soul was hurting—hurting badly. He was an angry and disappointed man. He was in the world of dreams, but didn’t want to dream his dream ever again. Or at least, that is how his soul felt.

       Without his dream, his soul was wandering around aimlessly, observing other people’s dreams. Oh, there were so many different dreams in the world of dreams.  There were good, bad, happy, sad, comic, tragic, peaceful, and violent. People dreamt about everything. Everything was permitted because there were no true consequences. Very often, dreams were about passionate, erotic encounters that lasted for days and nights. Strangely enough, women were more often with such dreams than men. The most common dream for men was about fighting violent battles and winning after killing huge numbers of enemies.  Nini could never imagine that somebody would ever enjoy cruelty and dreaming about killing people even if it wasn’t happening in reality.

       He was confused about many other things he saw on Anu. He always had a perception that the world of dreams was a place for pure and just souls. How was it possible that a pure soul would have impure dreams? He started questioning his understanding of good and evil, right and wrong, true and false. Soon he realized how wrong he had been about many of his assumptions. He felt like he had spent his whole life believing in things that existed only in his dreams. What a fool he was, he thought.

       And just as he started feeling sorry for himself, he noticed a group of people dreaming that were members of the Illuminati, a secret organization that had been ruling the world. What an interesting dream, Nini thought. He wanted to be in it, but it wasn’t his dream. He couldn’t just jump into other people’s dreams and it was against the rules of Anu to interrupt anybody’s dream. Nevertheless, Nini wanted to be a part of it. There must be a way to get in, he thought. What would be the harm? After all, it was just a dream.

       And that is when Nini became the thief of dreams without realizing the consequences of his many actions that would follow. For a few days he followed people dreaming about the secret organization, Illuminati. He learned everything he could learn about the dreams the organization had. At the right moment, when nobody was paying attention, he jumped into the dream and became part of it. He did it so well that people dreaming thought his appearance was a legitimate part of their dream. After some time, Nini became a very important leader of the secret organization. Many lives depended on his decisions. He had many servants, many followers, and many responsibilities for the destiny of the world. After all, he was in charge of the organization that was ruling the world from a shadow. What an exciting dream, he thought.

       But after a while, he got bored. It just wasn’t him. He didn’t like secrets. The major problem he had with this dream was the secret association of people dreaming it. Why would anybody who is doing right, want it to be a secret? Something was wrong with this picture. So, Nini decided to leave this dream. And without warning, without giving a notice to anybody, he just disappeared.  At first, people dreaming these dreams were confused. There he was, an important part of their dreams, and then, he just didn’t exist anymore. Soon, they realized that Nini had fooled them. They saw Nini as a deceiver.  They promised revenge, but didn’t know the way to do it. They were living in their dreams and the only way to seek revenge would be through the dream, but Nini was no longer there.

       His next adventure was much simpler. He came across a man dreaming of opening a chain of bakeries making the best bread and pastries. I like that idea, Nini thought. It was an innocent and clean dream, so he jumped into it. He became the head baker in this man’s first bakery. They were making wonderful baked goods. Customers were very happy. The business was growing. Soon they opened up more bakeries. The man was so happy with Nini’s work that he made him his partner. Things were going well. But then again, Nini got bored and then one day, Nini just picked up and left. His partner was devastated, but Nini didn’t care. He was again on the road looking for yet another dream. At the time he didn’t know that the only reason he was getting bored was because none of these dreams were his own. He would never be happy in anybody’s dream but his.

       So there were many dreams that Nini stole while in the world of dreams. He was a father and husband, building a home and raising a family. Of course, he left that one. He was editor-in-chief of a famous magazine. He closed it down. He was professor of history. He was an entrepreneur and investor. He was a pastor of a church congregation. He ran a shelter for homeless people in a big city. He was a lover. He was a con man and a drifter. He was a king and a slave. He was rich and poor. Regardless of the dream, in every dream that he would jumped in, he followed the same pattern. His arrival into the dream would make a difference. He would always leave his mark and then he would disappear. His disappearance would always cause disturbance and damage to the people in the dreams.

       People in the world of dreams started spreading the word about the thief of dreams that goes from dream to dream causing disturbances and it became impossible for angels who were guarding the world of dreams to catch him. Once he was out of a dream, he was invisible. In order to find Nini, angels would have to know the next dream he was going to steal.

       Of course, Nini didn’t know that what he was doing was a crime. He really didn’t feel the consequences of his actions. The moment he would leave any of the dreams that he stole, he completely forgot about those dreams. He also didn’t know that angels were already looking for him.

       One day, he was walking down a mountain road and after a while, he noticed a long brick wall parallel to the road. He was curious. In the world of dreams there were no fences or walls separating, hiding or protecting anything or anybody. He looked over the wall. It was a huge beautiful garden with all kinds of ripe fruits, blooming flowers, cold streams full of different fish, happy animals running around, birds singing in the trees of the deep forest or flying over blue and clear skies. It was a wonderful picture. Whose dream was this Nini was asking?

       And then he saw her. He couldn’t believe his eyes. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen! Walking in the white and very transparent linen shirt coming just to her hips, with nothing under it, Nini could observe her carefully. She was tiny and very well built. Nothing on her body was too big or too small. Everything was perfectly placed and proportionate; the curves were just right and she carried herself with such a grace. She had light blue eyes, light skin and curly hair falling over her shoulders. Nini guessed she might be in her late twenties or early thirties. Who was she? Nini wondered.

       This woman walked through the garden and picked fresh spring flowers. While she was making a bouquet of flowers, it seemed like she was talking to somebody and smiling. But nobody was around her. For Nini, there was something so attractive, so erotic, and so tempting in the way she moved, smiled, and spoke. His body started reacting to his thoughts. He became very excited. He desired to hold that unknown woman in his arms and make passionate love to her. He had to touch her. He had to kiss her. He wanted her to feel him deep inside of her. He had to have her. Whatever it was that she was dreaming about, he would find a way to be a part of it and be with her. Nini jumped over the wall.

(From the WEEKEND IN FARO, Chapter Two by Stevan V. Nikolic -unedited version)

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