Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Michael Nicolau...about the Truth

(Excerpt from the Michael Nicolau Trilogy that was not included in any of  three books…for obvious reasons)

In one of many unrecognized gnostic gospels (Gospel of Truth)  Jesus Christ says: “Truth never comes in the world naked…it always comes in disguise”

I often think about those words. What is wrong to come into the world as you are – “naked”.

Babies are naked when they are born. They are as they are. They are true to themselves.

When God created Adam and Eve they were naked. They were true to themselves.

But then they eat from the fruit of knowledge, and the very first thing they did, they covered themselves. They covered the truth.

So, the rational conclusion is – more you know, you are further from the truth.

I always struggled with this thought. I spent all my life searching for the absolute truth. For me, it was essential to get as much knowledge as I can in order to get to the understanding of what the absolute truth was all about. Alas, more I learned, it seemed like I was further from it.

But it is in the nature of human beings to cover the truth. And the search for knowledge is not about discovering the truth. It is about discovering the ways to cover the truth.

Why I think like that? Well, we are born naked. We are born with truth. And then we spend lifetime learning…. how to cover it. It is simple.

And humans are masters of disguise. There are two essential methods of covering the truth.
One is called “quotes” and the second one is called “pseudonyms”.

Whenever we want to say what we think, but we don’t want to appear that it is really our opinion, we use quotes. It is a safe way to say things. We say it, but it is not really something we said, it is something somebody else said. We are just quoting. So we can’t be responsible for those words, because somebody else told them. We are just quoting.

If we can’t find a quote that will fit our thought, we say our thought, but not under our own name, but under pseudonym. So, nobody really knows it was us who said that, because it was under assumed name.

And then, if you ask us, why we do that, we will come with the simple explanation that our thoughts are so much beyond this world, so divine, that no human being would ever understand them. They had to come into the world in disguise. So, it is really what Jesus said -  that truth never comes into the world naked. It is hard to argue against it, if it comes from such an authority.

However, they are those who always speak their mind and say the truth. I guess they don’t follow Jesus. And they suffer the consequences. Nobody likes the truth!  But there is the purpose for them as well, because the others who don’t want to say the truth could use their thoughts as quotes. So, there is purpose in everything.

This world functions so perfectly…. It is a perfect creation.

When it comes to me, I like to say the truth. And I will put my name behind it. I am Michael Nicolau, a fictional character from the Michael Nicolau Trilogy by Stevan V. Nikolic. And if you don’t like what I just said, don’t blame me. Blame one that is hiding behind me through writing a novel about me. I know his excuse will be that it is all fiction. But he is the real culprit.

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