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WEEKEND IN FARO - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

In the material world below, she always felt lonely and there was nobody to understand her true nature. She always kept longing for her true home and could never find it.



       Nini wanted so much to get into the dream of this young woman. First, he had to learn everything about her and her dream. As many times before, he was hiding, following a dreamer, and making notes about everything he observed. It was crucial to understand what the dream was all about if he wanted to successfully become a part of her dream. But this one was quite different than anything he experienced before.

       For one, he couldn’t understand why this dream was happening in the garden that was enclosed with walls. It was so unusual for the world of dreams. Second, it appeared that this woman was constantly with somebody else. Sometimes she was even acting like she was holding somebody’s hand, but he couldn’t see anybody. Nevertheless, his desire to be with this woman was strong. He followed her for days trying to put together the picture of her dream that would enable him to become part of it. For him, it became an obsession.  Each day he spent following and watching her, increased his desire for her.

       He carefully studied each and every one of her moves. After a while, he knew many of her habits and routines. He knew what she liked to eat, places she liked to be, flowers she liked to pick and smell, birds she liked to talk to, and when and where she liked to sleep. He enjoyed watching her bathe in the lake in the center of the garden. Oh, he wanted so much to bathe with her, to rub her skin, and to touch her breasts. 

       But everything he learned in all those days somehow didn’t seem enough for him just to show up in her dream. There was still something missing. The more he examined it, he came to the conclusion that the solution was in the invisible part of her dream. But he still didn’t understand what the invisible part was. Who was she seeing?  Who was with her? Nini knew it had to be a man. Her gentle moves, her smile, the blink in her eyes whenever she was extending her hand to touch this invisible being, told Nini about the affection she felt. It had to be a man. But why couldn’t he see this man? This was something that had never happened to Nini before.

       He had so much experience with examining other people’s dreams, before he would become a part of it. There was never an invisible part. It wasn’t logical. It was like having a dream within a dream. Something like that was impossible in the world of dreams. The only assumption that he could make was that if he didn’t see this being, she didn’t either. But again, it was just an assumption. He couldn’t act on that and it felt like he might have to wait an eternity to enter her dreams with her. In the world of dreams time was of no consequence because time did not exist, but his desire for her grew immensely and he couldn’t stand to wait anymore.

       One morning he decided to show up in her dream based on the little information he had. Nini was confident that the information he discovered while invading so many other dreams would help him if he needed to improvise. He placed himself next to her at the moment she was waking up. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

        “Who are you?” she asked.

        “It’s me,” Nini answered. “Don’t you recognize me?”

        He knew this was a crucial moment. He had to be relaxed.

        “But you look much older now,” she said. Immediately this comment gave Nini a clue. He was right. It was a man that she was seeing. Nini picked a flower from the ground and offered it to her.        

       “Take this. This is your favorite flower. Do you remember this flower? Yesterday it was a small bud just sticking out from the ground, and now it’s in full blossom. Just like you. Just like me.”

       She took the flower and smiled. But Nini felt that she was still in doubt.

      “Are you hungry? Do you want me to make you something to eat?” he asked.

      “Yes, I could eat,” she answered, still confused by his presence.

        Nini ran around the garden picking up tomatoes and all of her favorite herbs. He knew exactly what she liked. He prepared a wholesome dish. She enjoyed eating it.

       “This is so good,” she said.

       “Of course,” Nini said. “I have made this for you so many times and you always liked it.”

       She smiled again. Nini felt that she was becoming more relaxed with him. It seemed to him that he was playing his role correctly. He was on the right track, but he still needed to prove himself to her. He felt her hesitation. He had to win her full confidence before taking over her dream completely.

       “Let’s take a walk. It’s a beautiful day,” Nini said.

       “Yes, it is,” she agreed.

       Nini took her on a walk through the garden. It was the same route she had taken every day. He never asked her for directions; he just walked and she followed. They had a great time talking to birds, animals, flowers, observing the water lilies floating in the pond. Finally, she took his hand.

       She started talking. She told Nini how happy she was that they were together. In the material world below, she always felt lonely and there was nobody to understand her true nature. She always knew that she didn’t belong to the world of humans. She thought they were all possessive and has limited ways of thinking. She always kept longing for her true home and could never find it.

       Nini listened carefully. The picture about her dream was becoming clear to him.

       Suddenly, they arrived at a lake.

      “Oh, it is time to take a bath,” Nini said.

      “Yes, I need a bath,” she said and began to take off her shirt. Nini started to take off his clothing too.

      “What are you doing?” she asked. “You are always doing the same thing. What’s wrong with you? You know I am shy and I like to take my bath alone. Stay here,” she said in an almost commanding voice, but she was still smiling.

     After her bath they went back to the woods in the north part of the garden. There was a small wooden cabin there, which was where she slept. There were just a few pieces of furniture there—a simple bed, table, and two chairs facing a stone fireplace. Soon, Nini realized that according to her dream, he, or the man he pretended to be, was the one who built this cabin for them. So, he continued playing his role. There was only one bed. He was sure they would sleep together. That was all he wanted since he had first seen her.

      They were seated in front of the fireplace for hours just talking. For a young woman, she knew so much about art, poetry, and philosophy. She shared her knowledge about gods, souls, love, truth, nature, and the universe. She liked to talk. At moments, Nini, who was himself quite educated, had a hard time catching up with the amount of information she possessed. He enjoyed her wisdom and her way of thinking.

      Then, suddenly, she stopped talking, stood up, came over to Nini, sat down on his lap, hugged him and started kissing him. She was rubbing her body on his and he felt the warmth of her vulva on his thigh. Then she took him by the hand and they went to the bed. She undressed herself and then she undressed him. They laid down.

      Nini was very experienced in erotic matters and there was almost nothing about a woman’s sexuality that could surprise him or especially impress. Yet, what he experienced that night was like nothing he had experienced before. Everything that he knew about women making love was just a bleak unworthy copy of what she gave him. They made love all night.

       And if you think that this narrator, or any other narrator after, telling the same story, will go into erotic details of their night together, you are wrong. Not because it is inappropriate or vulgar. There were explicit erotic stories, even about gods making love, and narrators were not shy of sharing them by going into the hottest descriptions. But in this case, there are simply no words that would be worthy of describing their encounter. And if any narrator ever tries to come up with some details, it would be only to arouse the readers’ lust, and would not do justice to what happened that night between Nini and the young woman whose dream he invaded. It was just a glorious experience of two bodies melting in one, two souls uniting in one, two hearts beating with the same beat, and two spirits becoming one. Yes, it was a dream.

       In the early dawn they got tired and decided to sleep. She pulled his arm placing it under her head saying childishly, “Give me my pillow.” She placed one hand on his chest and took hold of the pendant that he was wearing on the necklace around his neck. She fell asleep like that.

       Nini was looking at her face, so pure, so innocent, and so angelic. He was wondering about the man that she thought he was. He wanted so much to be that man. He felt like he never wanted to leave her dream. Then, he fell asleep too.
(From the WEEKEND IN FARO - Chapter Three, by Stevan V. Nikolic, unedited version)  

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